The Following Sites have received the Red Eye Rated Site of the Month Award for Tracker's Personal Picks:

November 1997          Gorean Garden

December 1997          Mountain View Adolescent Program

January 1998           shyhome

February 1998          Gabor's Progressive MIDI Pages

March 1998             Friends Cancer Awareness

April 1998             Scheherazade's Little Bohemia on the Hinkson

May 1998               Horse Expo

June 1998              Art of the Doll-Mann Gallery

July 1998              I Am America

August 1998            A Paws-itive Choice

September 1998         Self-Help Legal

October 1998           manic xpression

November 1998          Gothic North Community Theater

December 1998          Ravens Dreaming

January 1999           Raven

February 1999          Online Museum of the Port of Santos

March 1999             Lakeside Nature Preserve

April 1999             Phat Malice's Shovelhead Metalmorphosis

May 1999               Eva's Gallery

June 1999              Graphic Brewer

July 1999              Learning About Leonardo

August 1999  

September 1999         Pogonip the-eZine sPLash Page

October 1999           Veronica's

November 1999          The Hood

December 1999          Heronwing's Fantasy World

January 2000           Promethea

February 2000          Gazoo's Gold

March 2000             The Fray

April 2000             JimWorld

May 2000               Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators


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